June 25, 2015

Prescott's Olde Tyme Advertisements Are Fun! (1900-1949)

This posting is a pictorial of print advertisements that appeared in Prescott newspapers in the first half of 20th century.  They are arranged by decade.

Some of the businesses you will recognize.  Others have passed away with time.  One thing is for sure: you will not recognize the prices and early phone numbers were 2 and 3 digits long!

It's not only interesting to see the evolution of businesses in Prescott, but also the evolution of advertising itself!



Early saloons had exclusive beers

Guns for rent

Early grocery ad

(Not a Prescott company, but I couldn't resist)


Just what are "Commodius Sample Rooms"?

This would be about $37.6 mil today


Real Bargain, indeed! That would be $80K today
World War I: 4.25% was better than most savings accounts

Yes, they drilled for oil in Chino Valley
Read About CP Head's 1871 Journey to Prescott





Elks Theatre was the hub of social Prescott




Germ Processed?

Who could blame him?

Tourist Tip:

The Prescott Downtown Partnership offers a map for a beautiful, interesting and historic walking tour of the downtown area.  On it, you will find some of the addresses listed in these old ads.

(From this link you can also find upcoming special events in downtown)



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