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Mystery Man Entombed in Thumb Butte
True Story of a mysterious body found in a crevice in Thumb Butte near Prescott, AZ in 1911.

The true crime story of a dynamite attack on J.S. Acker's home in Prescott, AZ on 4/21/1917 and the surprising motive behind the crime.

1875-86: The Murderous Stanton Syndicate
True story of how Charles P. Stanton took over the mining town of Antelope Station, Arizona and turned it into his own personal, tyrannical empire.

Hot-Head Miners Murder 20 Yavapai
The story of one of the first Indian conflicts in Yavapai county. A group of miners unjustly murder 20 Yavapai Indians for a crime they did not commit.

Man Kills Two Over a $2 Bet
True crime story about Fred Marshall, who murdered two men after losing a $2 bet in Humboldt, AZ.

1956: Teen Delinquents Beat Blind Man; Murder a Veteran
True Crime murder story by teen-age delinquents in 1956 Prescott

True story of the grip of opium upon Prescott, Arizona. Eventually, the city would become a hub of manufacture for the drug.

The Jack-the-Ripper of Yavapai County?
The circumstantial case against self-described "Indian-killer" John B. Townsend.

1894 Gold Heist Foiled
True tale of how a former Prescott marshall saved a gold shipment with a clever ruse in 1894.

March, 1932: Prescott Police Chief Demands Gun Control (and the Shocking Reason Why)
Story of gun control in the 1930's in Prescott, Arizona. Children were misusing them!

BONUS: There are 3 treasures buried by robbers around Prescott that remain undiscovered:

20 Buried Treasures Near Prescott That Have Yet to be Found