Wildlife / Ecosystem


Here's a listing of all the Prescott, AZ History articles that are about the area's ecosystem, both past and present.

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The astonishing story of a frog that survived millions of years embedded in sandstone.

How prairie dogs were made extinct throughout Yavapai County in the first third of the 20th century and the consequences.

An informative listing of 9 cryptozoological animals that have been seen in Arizona. Includes a Bigfoot update near Prescott.

The wet winter of 1915 brought a new resident to the Prescott National Forest: the white-tail deer.

The birth of Watson Lake in Prescott, Arizona brought a region-wide celebration. It was originally intended to irrigate grain crops!

The story of one of the wettest winters in Yavapai County history and its consequences.

The story of the only known onyx quarry ever discovered on earth and its history in Mayer, Yavapai county, Arizona.