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A comprehensive listing of buried treasures, still undiscovered, in Yavapai county, Arizona

The cryptid monsters that live in Arizona are described and explored.

The Story Behind the Name: "Wilhoit" "Woodchute" "Bumble Bee" "Big Bug"
The colorful, true stories behind the Yavapai County, Arizona place names of: Wilhoit; Woodchute Mountain; Bumble Bee; and Big Bug.

Story Behind the Names: Rt. 89 Prescott to Ash Fork
The origins of the place names and brief early histories of the following Arizona towns along Route 89: Prescott, Chino Valley, Jerome Junction, Del Rio Springs, Paulden, Sullivan Lake, Hell's Canyon, and Ash Fork.

Story Behind the Names: Mingus Mountain; Cherry & Yeager Canyon
The early histories and place name origins of Mingus Mountain, Cherry and Yeager Canyon, Arizona.

Story Behind the Names: Dewey-Humboldt
The early histories and the explanations for the names of Dewey and Humboldt, Arizona. Includes the reason for their incorporation.

Cowboy Escapades #1
In this premier edition of Cowboy Escapades (Formerly titled "Crazy Cowboy Tricks,) we look at true stories of bear roping and buffalo riding!

Cowboy Escapades #2 Autos on the Range
When automobiles were first invented, it was inevitable that cowboys would try them on the range...sometimes with disastrous results.

Prescott's Other History Museum: Ft. Whipple
Description of the Fort Whipple Museum in Prescott, AZ. It details the entire history of the fort featuring artifacts that were found there.

The stories of three beloved Prescott community animals: Mike the dog, Old Joe the horse, and Stub the cat.

Four true, occasionally humorous stories about the most imprudent uses of dynamite in Yavapai County, AZ history. 


The Yavapai People's Ancient Flood Story
The Yavapai Indian's origin story includes a "Great Flood" that holds intriguing commonalities with the story of Noah in the Book of Genesis.

Meet the Kakaka: The Little Indian People Who Live in the Mountains
The account of the Kakaka, the paranormal, Indian Little People who live in the mountains of Yavapai county and elsewhere in Arizona. They are a vital part of Indian culture, teaching the Native American medicine men.

The Findings at the Fitzmaurice Indian Ruin
A description of the archeological findings of the Fitzmaurice Ruin in Prescott Valley, AZ. It's the largest Indian Ruin in the Prescott region.

Story of how Skull Valley, Arizona earned its name as a killing field not once, but twice.

1853: The First Anglo Christmas in Northern Arizona
Story of the first anglo Christmas celebrated in Northern Arizona by the Whipple 35th parallel survey team in 1853.

The story of the Hohokam archeological finds that existed under the Cordes Junction, I-17 interchange.


The tale of an Indian raid on the Peeples Ranch in Yavapai County in 1863.

The story of one of the worst episodes in the Indian Wars.

Indian War Military Posts of Yavapai County: A Primer
A comprehensive primer of frontier military posts in Yavapai County, AZ during the Indian Wars. Both an alphabetical and a chronological list is offered including dates, locations and the reason behind each post's name.

A Union Spy in the Joseph Walker Camp
The initial reason for the founding of Fort Whipple in Yavapai County, AZ was not to protect the miners in the Indian War, but rather to keep an eye on the suspected southern-sympathizing Walker Party.

Hot-Head Miners Murder 20 Yavapai
The story of one of the first Indian conflicts in Yavapai county. A group of miners unjustly murder 20 Yavapai Indians for a crime they did not commit.

The early history and activities of Prescott Arizona's iconic downtown Courthouse Plaza.

Fort Whipple's Faithful Dog Abe
The story of a greyhound named Abe and his ability to find Native Americans during the Indian Wars at Fort Whipple, Yavapai county, AZ.

The First Prescottonians Killed in the Indian War
The true accounts of the deaths of the first Prescott, AZ citizen and the first Fort Whipple soldier killed in the Indian Wars in 1864.

The Battle of the "Pinole Treaty"
The story of King S Woolsey's campaign against Apaches after AH Peeples' ranch was raided. Outnumbered, he convinced the Indians to meet with him before slaughtering them.

The colorful history of "Fort Misery". The first building in Prescott would become the oldest surviving log cabin in Arizona.

A description of the founding and early history of Kirkland Valley, AZ. Includes biographical information about its founder, William H Kirkland.

The Story of the Fight at Battle Flat, June 3rd, 1864, in Yavapai county, AZ. Five prospectors faced several dozen Apaches.

A description of 19th century remedies from nature that were particular to Arizona. Today these seem humorous if not ridiculous!

True story of how the Apache tribe massed to attack Prescott in 1864 and what stopped them.

The Legend of Burnt Ranch
The Indian War raid by Apache-Mojave Indians that gave Burnt Ranch in Prescott, AZ its name.

See how Native Americans successfully used the tactic of "guerrilla attrition" to keep a prosperous gold mine from operating during the Indian Wars in Yavapai county, Arizona.

The complete, colorful history of the gold mining  "town" of Wagoner, AZ.

The story of the harsh winter of 1864 and how the Miller brothers saved the settlement of Prescott from starvation.

1864: Prescott's First Christmas
Delightful story of Prescott, AZ's first Christmas in 1864. Residents opened their homes to all.

Three early accounts of Prescott, AZ from 1864, 1867 and 1871 revealing its growth from a mining camp to an all-American community in seven short years.

Pioneer Surveyor / Miner Robert W. Groom
Biography of the man for whom Groom Creek was named. Robert Groom also surveyed and plotted-out the towns of Prescott and Wickenburg, AZ.

The Endless Work of the Pioneer Ranch Mom
The typical life and times of a mid-19th century pioneer ranch woman in Yavapai county, AZ.

Arizona's First Masons Helped Steer Early Prescott
The early history of Arizona's first Masonic Lodge located in Prescott highlighting Morris Goldwater's role.

1865: The Shocking Twist at Battle Point (Skull Valley)
True story of a 1865 clever ambush in the Indian Wars at "Battle Point" where the Skull Valley, AZ depot is located today.

"Lost" Bell's Canyon Was Infamous
Indian ambushes on Bell's Canyon in Yavapai County, AZ were so notorious that whites eventually allowed it to return to wilderness. It was here that Superintendent of Indian Affairs George W Leihy was murdered November 10, 1866.

The story of a group of Mexican volunteers fighting proudly during the Indian Wars in Yavapai county, Arizona.

The Indian Raid That Gave Fort Rock Its Name
The true story of the Indian War raid on a stage stop in Yavapai county in November, 1866. The locale, known previously as Mount Hope would be renamed Fort Rock when a dozen anglos held off 100 Hualapai warriors.

The true story of the Battle of Skull Valley, AZ in August, 1866 as told through the eyes of a teamster who was there and nearly killed--Mr. Freeman.

Descriptions of the first Thanksgiving Day celebrations (and eventual lack there of) from 1866-1870 in Prescott, AZ.

The story of a group of squatters who tried to take ownership of Prescott, AZ's public Plaza in 1867.

The story of the need and construction of the Old Courthouse in Yavapai County, AZ in 1867.

1867: The Jack-the-Ripper of Yavapai County?
The shocking story of Indian-killer John B. Townsend who "killer more Apaches than most pioneers had seen."

Spencer Repeating Rifle Rules the Battle of the Black Mountains
The account of the first use of the Spencer Repeating Rifle in the Indian Wars in Arizona. This took place in the Black Mountains just west of the Verde River in April, 1867.

Brave Woman Fights Off Indians in Granite Dells
True episode of a raid in the Indian Wars near Prescott, AZ where a woman and a hired hand fended off 20 Indians in September, 1867.

1867: Territorial Capital Departs for Tucson
The account of how Arizona's First Territorial Capital In Prescott moved to Tucson in 1867.

Account of the Native American offensive in 1868 in Yavapai County, AZ during the Indian Wars.

1868-71: The Last Indian Raids on Kirkland Valley
The story of the last of the Indian raids on Kirkland Valley, Arizona from 1868-1871.

Ft. Whipple 1869: Futile Campaigns & Public Diversions
A description of the happenings at Fort Whipple, Arizona in 1869. Hapless at locating the Indians, the undermanned force reached out to the local community to boost the morale of both.


Story of how Yavapai county sat helpless in the midst of Native American raids during the Indian Wars.

The story of the first heavy use road to run from Kirkland to Wickenburg before there was a White Spar Road (Hwy. 89). It was built by Charles Genung in 1871.

One man's account of the trials and tribulations of simply traveling to Prescott!

1872: The Gruesome Fate of the Young Braggart
The story of a young pioneer braggart traveling to Yavapai county, Arizona and his terrible fate during the Indian Wars in 1872.

"The Great Diamond Swindle of 1872"
True crime story of Phillip Arnold and John Slack who walked away a half-million dollars richer orchestrating a diamond swindle in 1872.

Downtown Store Windows in the 1800's
A description of what a visitor to downtown Prescott, AZ would see in 19th century store window displays.

A description of the many stagecoach robberies that occurred on the Old Black Canyon road in Yavapai County, AZ.

At first ice cream was unheard of in Prescott, AZ, but by 1890 it was widely available and hugely popular in parlors, restaurants, ice houses, and even saloons.

The Incredible Story of the Million-Year-Old Frog
The astonishing story of a frog that survived millions of years embedded in sandstone.

Prescott's 1st Ordinances Reveal the Charm of a Small Village

Prescott, Arizona's first two ordinances (passed May 12, 1873) reveal a charming time when things were much simpler and the village was much smaller.

The True Victims of "Bloody Basin" Were the Yavapai
The Battle of Turret Peak, which Bloody Basin, AZ is named after, was not a victory over hostile Apaches; it was a massacre of friendly Yavapais.

"The History of Palace Station"
The history and future of the historic Palace Station stage stop located 17 miles south of Prescott AZ.

True story of how Charles P. Stanton took over the mining town of Antelope Station, Arizona and turned it into his own personal, tyrannical empire.

The story of the historic American Ranch stage stop which was located 12 miles from Prescott, AZ. on the Prescott to Hardyville toll road.

The history of Howey Hall in Prescott, AZ remained veiled until modern search engines could bring it into focus. Today it's the Opera House at the Pioneer Living History Museum.

Story and history of the Goldwater store in Prescott, AZ. Also included: the founding of Ehrenberg, AZ.

The surprising story of "big-box" stores a century and a half ago in Prescott.

True story of the founding (1877) and passing (1912) of the boom town, Gillette, AZ

The biography of Prescott, AZ's empire builder Frank Murphy. The philanthropist was the primary force in the development of Arizona's railroads and mining industry.

The way of death in 1879 Yavapai County paints a poignant picture of a most difficult way of life.

Back When Prescott Was "Opium Central"
True story of how Prescott became a hub of opium manufacturing


On this 1915 map Glassford Hill is labeled as "Bald Mountain".
The interesting history of Prescott Valley, Arizona's most iconic natural feature, Glassford Hill.

The mystery surrounding a second, military Fort Misery near Oro, AZ. Did it really exist?

The founding and early history of Mayer, Arizona is inseparable from the biography of the man who founded the town--Joseph Mayer.

Tales of lonely-hearts searching for adventure, romance and matrimony in early Prescott, AZ.

The history of Horsethief Basin, AZ. including its shady past, failed plans to make it a resort, and how it became a recreational area in the Prescott National Forest.

Biography of one of the most colorful men to reside in Prescott, Arizona: Buckey O'Neill.

The Forgotten Ghost Town of Placerita
The colorful history of the ghost town of Placerita, AZ and it's founder, Anson Wilbur "Old Grizzly" Callen. It's a story of gold, goats, and killings.

Sheriff's Exploits Were Hollywood; His Appearance Was Not
True story of "Uncle Jim" Roberts; the last of the old-time shooting sheriffs in Yavapai county. Although his exploits would be perfect for a movie, his appearance was far from it.

The story of the only known onyx quarry ever discovered on earth and its history in Mayer, Yavapai county, Arizona.

Story of how Prescott's "Great Fire" nearly happened a decade earlier, in November, 1889.


The Dam, The Drunk, & The Disaster
The complete, heartbreaking story of the Walnut Grove Dam Disaster of 1890 in Yavapai County. It is still regarded as the worst natural disaster in Arizona history.

The Terrible, Shoddy Construction of the Old Courthouse
The story of the slapstick construction of the "Old" (2nd) Yavapai County Courthouse. A sane man might wonder if the Three Stooges didn't paste it together just prior to landing their gig on vaudeville!

1894 Gold Heist Foiled
True tale of how a former Prescott marshall saved a gold shipment with a clever ruse in 1894.

1895: Prescott's First Football Game Hosted Phoenix
The story of the first football game ever played in Prescott, Arizona against Phoenix and how the early game differed from the game today.

Prescott's "Double Decker" Brothel
The story of Prescott, Arizona's only 2 story brothel as told by artifacts found in an archeological survey of the red-light district.

The biography of Alexander Oswald Brodie, 1849-1918. The cofounder of the Rough Riders and Arizona's 15th territorial governor had a close relationship with Teddy Roosevelt.

Teddy's Rough Riders Originated in Prescott
The true story of how Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders originated in Prescott, Arizona in 1898.

The early anglo history of Castle Creek Hot Springs; from miner George Monroe to the primitive resort of "Uncle Tom" Holland and the Castle Creek Hot Springs Improvement Co.

The founding and early history of the lost mining town of Zonia, AZ.

The accounts of Josephine, Cuba and Whiskey; the 3 mascots of the Arizona Roughriders.


The story of the first successful attempt at making the Granite Dells, near Prescott, AZ, a recreational attraction.

1903: First Automobile Drives Into Prescott
True story of the first automobile to drive into Prescott, AZ in 1903 and the city's reaction.

The story behind the first year of the automobile in Prescott, AZ (1903) and its effect on everyday life.

Cactus Needles for Toothpicks? (An Early Mayer Industry)
The story of an early Mayer, AZ industry that manufactured toothpicks from cactus needles and what happened to the popular product.

Arizona's First Carnegie Library
The account of the first Carnegie Library in Arizona. It was brought to Prescott, AZ by a group of educated women called The Monday Club.

The Story Behind Prescott's Street Cars
The history, rise and fall of the Prescott & Mount Union Railway Company--Prescott Arizona's short-lived trolley system.

The Crazy, Two-Hour Jerome Junction Gold Rush
Fantastic story of the finding (and losing) of a small, rich gold vein outside of Jerome Junction, Arizona around 1905.

The comprehensive story of how Prescott, AZ got the Buckey O'Neill / Roughrider Monument on the downtown Plaza.

The building and history of Prescott AZ's last railroad depot.

Oct 13, 1909: POTUS Visits Prescott, Statehood at Stake 
The charming story of William Howard Taft's visit to Prescott, Arizona in October, 1909.

Christmas 1909 in Prescott AZ would be remembered for a large blizzard and two generous gifts by railroad entrepreneur Frank Murphy.


The fun story of early car love and automobile racing. Only 1 car was able to drive back to Prescott, Arizona!

The history of the founding of the Prescott (AZ) Chamber of Commerce. Its earliest successes involved the ordinary citizenry.

The Adventures of Prescott's First Motorcycle Club
The early history and races of the Yavapai County Motorcycle Club founded in Prescott, AZ in 1911. 

Famous Harvey Houses Supplied by Del Rio Ranch
The story of the Fred Harvey dairy and ranch at Del Rio Springs, AZ. From 1912 to 1929 the ranch supplied diary and meat for the famous Harvey Houses from Albuquerque to the west coast.

The early history of the unique Arizona Pioneers Home in Prescott including why and how it was built. 

True Story of a mysterious body found in a crevice in Thumb Butte near Prescott, AZ in 1911.

Fight! Badger vs. Dog vs. Hypnotist
A 1911 episode of an animal fight with a visiting hypnotist who regretted becoming involved. (Gory details withheld.)

Jealousy Killed the Good-Time Girl
The pitiful true crime story of a love triangle and an attempted double murder / suicide in 1911 Prescott, AZ.

May 9, 1911: Two Capital Murders in One Afternoon
True crime stories of the murders of LD Yeager and Kid Kirby on the afternoon of May 9, 1911 in Yavapai county, AZ. Both suspects would face the gallows as the newborn State of Arizona grappled with the question of the death penalty.

1911: Giant Humanoid Skeleton Unearthed in Yavapai County UPDATED
The true story of a giant humanoid skeleton that was unearthed in Juniper, Yavapai County, AZ in 1911.

1911: Buffalo Bill Cody Comes to Prescott to Invest & Reminisce
The true story of William F "Buffalo Bill" Cody's visit to Prescott, AZ late in 1911. Includes his visit to the Arizona Pioneers' Home and his investment in area mining.

Popular Preacher Struck Down by Lightning
True story of the shocking death of Rev. Fred Allen who was struck down by lightning on Sep 2, 1911.

Historic News Clips of 1911
Mayor Goldwater visits POTUS; Electricity for Miller Valley; Direct-dial phones for Prescott; Jerome Junction Depot burns; and Motorcycle club forms: are some of the historic and interesting news items of 1911. 

2 Large Meteor Strikes Within 8 Months & 150 Miles!
True description of 2 meteor strikes that happened only 8 months apart in 1911-12 between Ash Fork and Holbrook, AZ on the same Santa Fe Railroad line.

The story of Sir Gilbert Parker's visit to Prescott and Arizona in 1912. He fell in love with the area and would lecture about it in England to crowds of several thousand people.

1912: Come to Prescott's First Chautauqua!
The true story of the first chautauqua ever held in Prescott, AZ in June, 1912. Also included is a brief description of the chautauqua movement.

Yavapai Co's Astounding Agriculture: 1912
A window into Yavapai county's surprising agricultural past detailing the wide variety of crops grown.

The story of the founding and the surprising early history of Arizona's first Boy Scouts in Prescott.

Chapter 2 of Giants being found in Yavapai county, Arizona: True story of a skeleton of a giant unearthed by a road crew in 1913 along Sycamore Creek.

From 1913-1915 over 100 silent westerns were filmed around Prescott, Arizona

The early life of child actress Virginia Lee Corbin (1905-1941) who was born in Prescott, AZ.

The story of the unintended consequences of alcohol prohibition in Prescott, Arizona

The colorful, true crime story of the career of bootlegger Dutch John Berent in 1916-1917 Prescott, AZ.

Insights into how people enjoyed themselves a century ago.

Citizens of Prescott, Arizona found out that some large predatory animals were still in the forest when deep snows forced them out of the mountains.

The transition from animals to automobiles was problematic and at times, humorous.

The wet winter of 1915 brought a new resident to the Prescott National Forest: the white-tail deer.

The birth of Watson Lake in Prescott, Arizona brought a region-wide celebration. It was originally intended to irrigate grain crops!

The story of what was at the time the worst train wreck in the history of the Peavine Railroad.

Man Kills Two Over a $2 Bet
True crime story about Fred Marshall, who murdered two men after losing a $2 bet in Humboldt, AZ.

Prescott "Smoker" Events Featured Marijuana
When marijuana was legal, Prescott, AZ used to hold annual "Smoker" events where cannabis was recreationally smoked.

The Great Blizzard and Flood of (January) 1916
The terrifying account of just how wet a winter can be in Yavapai county.

Colony of Russians Arrives to Farm *UPDATED*
The story of a Russian immigrant colony who came to Chino Valley, AZ to farm in 1916.

Lost History of the Yavapai County Courthouse Part 1: The Need
Part 1 of a trilogy on the lost history of the Yavapai County Courthouse. Part 1 reveals the need for a new one.

Lost History: Yavapai County Courthouse / Part 2: The Mysterious Cornerstone (UPDATED)
Part 2 of a trilogy on the lost and forgotten history of the Yavapai County Courthouse. Part  reveals the mysteries of the cornerstone including the copper box time capsule.

Lost History Courthouse Part 3: Construction
Part 3 of a trilogy on the lost and forgotten history of the Yavapai County Courthouse revealing the interesting story of its massive construction.

The complete story of the lost and forgotten history of the Yavapai County Courthouse and its construction in Prescott, AZ.

The delightful story of the first Christmas tree ever erected on the Courthouse Plaza in Prescott, AZ. in 1916. It was also the first municipal tree in the state of Arizona.

The true crime story of a dynamite attack on J.S. Acker's home in Prescott, AZ on 4/21/1917 and the surprising motive behind the crime.

Story of a mysterious fungus that caused Twig Blight in the Prescott National Forest from 1917-1940. Offers a suggestion as to how the disease may have first entered Yavapai county.

The colorful history of Mayer, Arizona's iconic smokestack, with a look to its future.

Police Blotter for 1917
Professional safecrackers, burglary, found treasure, a 40-year-old murder solved, and a work-release program highlighted the police blotter in 1917 in Prescott, AZ.

Indians Save Lost Anglos
True story of two miners who were caught in a blinding snowstorm on the Navajo nation and were eventually saved by the Native Americans there in January, 1918.

Clever Young Forger Meets His Day of Reckoning
True crime story of a Prescott AZ bank clerk who embezzled the equivalent of $500,000 in 1918.

Rich Ranchman Tries to Get Away With Murder
True Crime story of the murder of Robert Miller by Harry "Bud" Stephens in 1918. This "trial of the century" was also the first murder case heard in the current Yavapai County Courthouse.

The Zany Prostitution Sting at the Depot House
True story of an August, 1918 prostitution sting in Prescott, AZ and its unexpected and humorous results as Cupid finally won the day!

The story of Christmas 1918 in Prescott, AZ. World War 1 was over, but Spanish influenza caused people to stay close to home.

The story of how Prescott AZ ran out of fresh water in 1919 and its consequences.


The origin and early history of the Smoki people of Prescott, AZ.

The story of a boy who was shocked at the appearance of his father, Lester Ruffner. Also included are video highlights of a 1920 silent newsreel featuring the Frontier Days that year!

Cleator: The Ghost Town That Was Sold Twice
The founding, complete early history, and name origin for the ghost town of Cleator, Arizona.

Highway 79: the Prescott to Jerome "Shortline"
The early history and construction of what is Arizona State Route 89A today. It was originally known as Arizona Highway 79: The Prescott to Jerome "Shortline."

History of the Congress Hotel (originally the Williams House) and the disastrous fire that would change Prescott, AZ forever.

Story of the founding and building of the Hassayampa Inn in Prescott, AZ.

Prescott Used to Have Countless Prairie Dogs
How prairie dogs were made extinct throughout Yavapai County in the first third of the 20th century and the consequences.

23-Ton Blast Shakes Yavapai County
The story of a mysterious powder house blast at the United Verde Mine in Jerome, AZ on December 20th, 1925 and its consequences.

1928: Famous Record-Breaking Airplane Crashes in Prescott
Famous record breaking airplane, "The Yankee Doodle" meets its demise in 1928 Prescott, Arizona.

The story of the Prairie Dog Boys: Prescott, AZ's first Cub Scout program.


The story of the historic downtown Federal Building and Post Office in Prescott, AZ. 

Story of gun control in the 1930's in Prescott, Arizona. Children were misusing them!

Story of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's visit to Prescott, AZ in September 1932 before traveling to the Greenway Ranch.

1933-41: Army of Young Men Save & Improve the Prescott National Forest
The story of the work done in the Prescott (AZ) National Forest by the Civilian Conservation Corps from 1933 to 1941. Much of the work they accomplished is still in use today.

The "Graces" Who Got Things Done in Prescott
The biographies of Grace Marion Sparks (1893-1963) and Grace Laura Genung Chapman (1883-1959) who both spent their lives making Yavapai county and Prescott better.

It first became haunted in 1935 after the death (or was it murder?) of a maintenance man crushed by the elevator. Yet there are many more apparitions in the former hospital.

The intriguing biography of Viola Jimulla, the first woman chief in America. She lead the Prescott Yavapai Tribe through one of there lowest times by relying on her Christian faith.

1937: The Christmas Without Candy
The sad, yet inspiring story of the Christmas of 1937 in Prescott, AZ. The nutritional needs of the city's children was so acute, it was decided not to give candy that year.

The Mysterious Ruins at Sullivan Lake
The story and history of Sullivan Lake, Arizona (located between Chino Valley and Paulden on "Old Hwy. 89") and the mysterious ruins surrounding it.


The story of how Prescott, Arizona developed its current identity.

1940: Prescott's Hospital Destroyed by Fire
Prescott AZ's 2nd worst disaster: the Mercy Hospital fire, June 8, 1940. Prescott would be without a hospital for 33 months.

The history of the USS Yavapai, originally an LST, it became a "floating barracks" and support ship resupplying the smaller ships of the task forces in Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

"JFK Recuperates at Castle Hot Springs"
The story of John F Kennedy's trip to Castle Hot Springs Resort, AZ in 1945. He was recovering from injuries after PT-109 was rammed.

Heartwarming story of a genius miniature toymaker and his benevolence to the children of Prescott.


An overview of 6 airplane accidents that occurred around the Prescott, AZ Airport in 1952.

The story of a rash of Flying Saucers (UFO) sightings around Prescott, AZ, in the first half of 1953. Includes the "Arizona's Roswell" incident around the same time.

True Crime murder story by teen-age delinquents in 1956 Prescott.

The true tale of the 1959 crash of a Lockheed "Super Constellation" near Prescott, AZ and the mystery that lingers.

1960's & Beyond:

The story of Morris Goldwater and his oversight of the early development of Prescott, Arizona.

The delightful and sentimental story of Christmas in Prescott, AZ (and America) in 1966.

The true story of a massive wave of UFO sightings and recorded landing in August, 1970 in Prescott, AZ. 

The biography of Bill Fain, the father of Prescott Valley, Arizona and the town's early history and development.

The story of Prescott Valley, AZ's wave of UFOs in the late winter and spring of 2000.

A review of the book "Story of a Hanged Man" by Parker Anderson; a historical account of the life and times of Fleming James Parker, Arizona outlaw.

A book review of Brad Courtney's "Prescott's Original Whiskey Row;" a well written and researched account of the earliest days in Prescott, Arizona's social and business center.


Old Courthouse, 1885


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