Chronological Listing: Undated and Pre-1860s

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Undated Stories:

An informative listing of 9 cryptozoological animals that have been seen in Arizona. Includes a Bigfoot update near Prescott.

The history and stories surrounding earthquakes that occurred within 30 miles of Prescott, AZ.

Four true, occasionally humorous stories about the most imprudent uses of dynamite in Yavapai County, AZ history. 

Tales of lonely-hearts searching for adventure, romance and matrimony in early Prescott, AZ.

Prescott’s Plaza Pets
The stories of three beloved Prescott community animals: Mike the dog, Old Joe the horse, and Stub the cat.

Description of the Fort Whipple Museum in Prescott, AZ. It details the entire history of the fort featuring artifacts that were found there.

A description of what a visitor to downtown Prescott, AZ would see in 19th century store window displays.

The typical life and times of a mid-19th century pioneer ranch woman in Yavapai county, AZ.

A comprehensive listing of buried treasures, still undiscovered, in Yavapai county, Arizona.

In this premier edition of Cowboy Escapades we look at true stories of bear roping and buffalo riding!

The history of incredibly large Cinnamon bears in central Arizona; some were 2.5 times larger than the biggest ones of today.

Tornados in Yavapai County?

The accounts of seven tornados in western Yavapai County from 1871-1969.

The early histories and place name origins of Mingus Mountain, Cherry and Yeager Canyon, Arizona.

The origins of the place names and brief early histories of the following Arizona towns along Route 89: Prescott, Chino Valley, Jerome Junction, Del Rio Springs, Paulden, Sullivan Lake, Hell's Canyon, and Ash Fork.

The story of Davis Robert “DR” Poland who founded the mine, creek, and town bearing his name.

Williamson Valley’s Astonishing Duck Migrations

Before the area became arid, Williamson Valley, Arizona would be visited by several thousand ducks and geese each Spring.

The colorful, true stories behind the Yavapai County, Arizona place names of: Wilhoit; Woodchute Mountain; Bumble Bee; and Big Bug.

A book review of Brad Courtney's "Prescott's Original Whiskey Row;" a well written and researched account of the earliest days in Prescott, Arizona's social and business center.

A review of the book "Story of a Hanged Man" by Parker Anderson; a historical account of the life and times of Fleming James Parker, Arizona outlaw.


The Yavapai Indian's origin story includes a "Great Flood" that holds intriguing commonalities with the story of Noah in the Book of Genesis.

The account of the Kakaka, the paranormal, Indian Little People who live in the mountains of Yavapai county and elsewhere in Arizona. They are a vital part of Indian culture, teaching the Native American medicine men.

The story of the Hohokam archeological finds that existed under the Cordes Junction, I-17 interchange.

A description of the archeological findings of the Fitzmaurice Ruin in Prescott Valley, AZ. It's the largest Indian Ruin in the Prescott region.

Story of how Skull Valley, Arizona earned its name as a killing field.

Story of the first anglo Christmas celebrated in Northern Arizona by the Whipple 35th parallel survey team in 1853.

The archeological findings in Mayer, AZ show indigenous habitation from the 6th century, AD to 1800.

The Mysterious Figurine Making Forest People

The story of a potential sub-culture “cult” that lived in the forest south of Prescott, AZ around 1000 AD.

$7 Million in Gold Awaits to be Found

Story of over 230 pounds of placer gold that was hidden around Prescott before the town was founded.

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