June 24, 2018

The Invasion of the Horseless Carriage!

It was 1903 when the first automobile drove into Prescott and before the year was over, the city fell in love with the new contraption!

Well, mostly...

Still, these "machines" as they were often called, would begin to infiltrate every aspect of life in Prescott.

June 17, 2018

Famous Harvey Houses Supplied by Del Rio Ranch

"Fred Harvey civilized the west with his '3000 Miles of Hospitality' that consisted of an extensive chain of hotels, shops, and restaurants along the Santa Fe Railway, staffed by a professional, customer service army which included the famous Harvey Girls."

To supply his hotels and restaurants with milk and cream, he had a dairy farm, the Territory's first, in Peach Springs. However, water supply was problematic at that location and in 1912, Harvey moved the entire operation to Del Rio Springs, north of Chino Valley.

June 10, 2018

Prescott's Forgotten Railroad Developer & Philanthropist

Frank Morrell Murphy first arrived in Prescott in 1877. "During the next 40 years he changed almost every aspect of life in Yavapai county. A financier, promoter, philanthropist, and empire builder, it was said that he brought more money into the Territory than any other one man."

Today few people are familiar with him. "This is probably because of the emphasis that Frank Murphy placed on his life. He promoted Prescott and Yavapai county; he promoted railroads (and) mines, but he did not promote (himself)."

June 3, 2018

Ft. Whipple 1869: Futile Campaigns & Public Diversions

In 1869 military campaigns against the Indians were hapless in Yavapai county. The Native Americans had not only learned that it was best to avoid the Army, but they became quite adept at doing just that.

As morale dropped for both soldier and civilian, local military leadership tried to reach out to the local community through theater and dances.