November 27, 2016

The Mysterious Ruins at Sullivan Lake *UPDATED*

Sullivan Lake Dam under construction
The mysterious ruins: What are those smaller stone structures?

A couple of miles south of Paulden, off of Rt. 89, is a loop spur marked "Old Hwy. 89." This aptly named stretch of the former roadway eventually crosses a bridge where some old ruins can be seen.

The usual passer-by often wonders what these buildings were for and when were they constructed?

November 20, 2016

Story Behind the Name: "Wilhoit" "Woodchute" "Bumble Bee" "Big Bug"

Arizona has some interesting and colorful place names. Here are four from around the greater Prescott National Forest area:

Wilhoit, Arizona

First, the charming story of Wilhoit, Arizona.

November 13, 2016

1953: Prescott is a Hotspot for Flying Saucers

Prescott Evening Courier, May 22, 1953.

It was a time when the study of UFO's was in such infancy, that the very term "UFO" hadn't been coined yet. There were no national databases of sightings and those who did see something unexplainable most often kept their experiences to themselves.

However, in the first half of 1953, there was such a rash of sightings in the skies of Prescott, that it would turn ardent skeptics into true, vocal believers.

In fact, so numerous were the accounts by respected citizens, that even the newspaper was compelled to cover the story.

For the increasing number of eyewitnesses, the saucers brought astonishment, awe, wonder and worry.

November 6, 2016

Prescott's "Double-Decker" Brothel

Arrow shows the location of the Double-Decker Brothel on Granite Street
 in this 1890 lithograph.

This 1885 photo, taken from the Old Courthouse,
reveals the back of the Double-Decker Brothel.
Before the downtown parking garage was built on Granite Street, the opportunity was taken to make an archeological dig of this portion of the old red-light district. Among several other things, this project unearthed the colorful story of Prescott's only two-story brothel.

In archeology, the prime artifacts are most often found in the areas where the refuge was dumped. As a result, (and speaking of dumps,) the true star of this story is: "The Privy at Prescott's Double-Decker Brothel."

Seems the old "Double Decker" was one of them pricy, high-class type joints. That is, if what they threw in the crapper is any indication...