March 29, 2020

Story Behind the Place Name: Poland Mine, Creek & Junction

His name was Davis Robert Poland and he was a true frontier placer miner. He came to Yavapai County early, when one could walk down a creek bed trail and find large gold veins, embedded in quartz ledges, glittering in the sun. Indeed, this happened to Poland several times.

March 22, 2020

The Tragic Tale of the Piper Family UPDATED

Miss Niles was a night nurse at Mercy Hospital and was working her rounds one Sunday evening, when she started up the main staircase. The stairway hugged the walls like a spiraling square donut with an hollow space in the middle. As she ascended, her peripheral vision caught an object falling through the center void followed by an echoing thud on the basement's concrete floor. She rushed to the bottom to see what it was. 

Immediately the Sister in charge would be called to offer guidance… 

March 8, 2020

The Indian Uprising of 1872

The ruins of Camp Date Creek
From February through June, 1872, Native Americans launched raiding attacks around and surprisingly close to Prescott. The newspapers were filled with accounts of Indian depredations during this time and the citizenry was both frightened and filled with consternation.

Orders came from Washington to change the practice of largely shooting Indians on sight to one of feeding and educating them instead. Initially, however,  the Indians, many of whom were starving, became emboldened and started to attack.

March 1, 2020

1921-23: Downtown Prescott Becomes Modernized

“Yesterdays in Prescott are memorable for their mud, their amiable let-it-alone (attitude) and their slow fight to weld public opinion into a lever,” the paper editorialized in 1922. “Tomorrow, Prescott will be a city, beautifully located, clean, sightly and well cared for. Today, Prescott is in its period of transition. 

“By fall, at least, this city will have been transformed. No longer will its charm consist only of the scenic setting, the beauty of its women and the open-hearted hospitality of its citizens. It will have the city touch.”