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The colorful history of "Fort Misery". The first building in Prescott would become the oldest surviving log cabin in Arizona.

Three early accounts of Prescott, AZ from 1864, 1867 and 1871 revealing its growth from a mining camp to an all-American community in seven short years.

The early history and activities of Prescott Arizona's iconic downtown Courthouse Plaza.

1867: Needed a Jail; Built a Courthouse. The story of the need and construction of the Old Courthouse in Yavapai County, AZ in 1867.

Dudley House: First Real Hotel In Prescott

The story of the Dudley House. The first hotel in Prescott that was “hard finished,” offering walls and a solid roof.

Indian War Military Posts of Yavapai County: A Primer
A comprehensive primer of frontier military posts in Yavapai County, AZ during the Indian Wars. Both an alphabetical and a chronological list is offered including dates, locations and the reason behind each post's name.

1871: CB Genung Builds the Old Yarnell Road
The story of the first heavy use road to run from Kirkland to Wickenburg before there was a White Spar Road (Hwy. 89). It was built by Charles Genung in 1871.

The history and future of the historic Palace Station stage stop located 17 miles south of Prescott AZ.

1876: The American Ranch: The Ritz of Stage Stops
The story of the historic American Ranch stage stop which was located 12 miles from Prescott, AZ. on the Prescott to Hardyville toll road.

Downtown Store Windows in the 1800's
A description of what a visitor to downtown Prescott, AZ would see in 19th century store window displays.

1877: Early Prescott Super Stores
The surprising story of "big-box" stores a century and a half ago in Prescott.

The story of the slapstick construction of the "Old" (2nd) Yavapai County Courthouse. A sane man might wonder if the Three Stooges didn't paste it together just prior to landing their gig on vaudeville!

The story of Prescott, Arizona's only 2 story brothel as told by artifacts found in an archeological survey of the red-light district.

The early history of the unique Arizona Pioneers Home in Prescott including why and how it was built. 

Part 1 of a trilogy on the lost and forgotten history of the Yavapai County Courthouse. Part 1 reveals the need for a new one.

Part 2 of a trilogy on the lost and forgotten history of the Yavapai County Courthouse. Part  reveals the mysteries of the cornerstone including the copper box time capsule.

Part 3 of a trilogy on the lost and forgotten history of the Yavapai County Courthouse revealing the interesting story of its massive construction.

The colorful history of Mayer, Arizona's iconic smokestack, with a look to its future.

The early history and construction of what is Arizona State Route 89A today. It was originally known as Arizona Highway 79: The Prescott to Jerome "Shortline."

It first became haunted in 1935 after the death (or was it murder?) of a maintenance man crushed by the elevator. Yet there are many more apparitions in the former hospital.

The story and history of Sullivan Lake, Arizona (located between Chino Valley and Paulden on "Old Hwy. 89") and the mysterious ruins surrounding it.

1940: Prescott's Hospital Destroyed by Fire
Prescott AZ's 2nd worst disaster: the Mercy Hospital fire, June 8, 1940. Prescott would be without a hospital for 33 months.

The account of the first Carnegie Library in Arizona. It was brought to Prescott, AZ by a group of educated women called The Monday Club.

The story of the Fred Harvey dairy and ranch at Del Rio Springs, AZ. From 1912 to 1929 the ranch supplied diary and meat for the famous Harvey Houses from Albuquerque to the west coast.

The Story Behind Prescott's Street Cars
The history, rise and fall of the Prescott & Mount Union Railway Company--Prescott Arizona's short-lived trolley system.

Description of the Fort Whipple Museum in Prescott, AZ. It details the entire history of the fort featuring artifacts that were found there.

Story and history of the Goldwater store in Prescott, AZ. Also included: the founding of Ehrenberg, AZ.

The story of a group of squatters who tried to take ownership of Prescott, AZ's public Plaza in 1867.

The story of the historic downtown Federal Building and Post Office in Prescott, AZ.

The building and history of Prescott AZ's last railroad depot.

The comprehensive story of how Prescott, AZ got the Buckey O'Neill / Roughrider Monument on the downtown Plaza.

The history of Howey Hall in Prescott, AZ remained veiled until modern search engines could bring it into focus. Today it's the Opera House at the Pioneer Living History Museum.

The early anglo history of Castle Creek Hot Springs; from miner George Monroe to the primitive resort of "Uncle Tom" Holland and the Castle Creek Hot Springs Improvement Co.

Story of the founding and building of the Hassayampa Inn in Prescott, AZ.

The story of the archeological finds unearthed in 1994 at 140 N. Granite St., Prescott, AZ.

The story of how Prescott AZ’s dusty downtown was transformed into a modern city.

The background and story of the day the first railroad train rolled into Prescott Jan. 1, 1887.

The Chinese Den of Iniquity

The story of a Granite St. building as told by the archeological findings. There was drinking, eating, gambling and opium.

The Senator Highway

The founding and history of the Senator Highway in Prescott, AZ

The Old Courthouse Became a Living Wreck

A humorous look at the shoddy construction of Yavapai County’s Old Courthouse which led to its early demise.

Plaza Gazebo: A Fixture Since 1895

The early history of the gazebo on Prescott (AZ) downtown Plaza. First used as a bandstand, it became the focal point of many community events.

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