August 29, 2021

Prescott's Best Early Movie


If newspaper reviews are any indication, “The Power of Silence,” (the sixth movie made in Prescott,) was the best one Lubin produced there in 1912. After reading the glowing critiques and lively descriptions, one is left only to lament its loss.

August 8, 2021

The Plaza Gazebo: A Fixture Since 1895

(Courtesy Tim Gronek)

Originally the Plaza “gazebo,” (as many call it today,) was the Prescott Bandstand. It was constructed in 1895 and has enjoyed a rich and colorful history—even at its genesis. The June 26 issue of the Weekly Journal-Miner reported: “The construction of the bandstand on the Plaza has not had a very quieting effect on the nerves of Loske and Shultz who have been convicted of the murder of McNary. The other prisoners told them that it was the gallows scaffold which was being erected, right in plain view of them.”