January 24, 2021

Undercover Detective or Stagecoach Robber?

On May 12, 1877 the California-Arizona Stage left Prescott ultimately headed to San Bernardino. Stage robberies were far too prevalent in the mid 1870s and the party was relieved to arrive at Wickenburg unmolested. 

As the driver, Jesus Lujan, pulled out of the station, he couldn’t know that just a few miles down the road his stage would fall victim to a carefully crafted ambush. 

January 3, 2021

1909: Passenger Train Boiler Explodes

 It was nearly 3:30 pm August 17, 1909 when engineer Joseph Reese put his hand on the throttle, and Engine No. 11 began to pull a heavy six car passenger train out from the Iron Springs Depot. Little did he know he was a mere two minutes from disaster.