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An informative listing of 9 cryptozoological animals that have been seen in Arizona. Includes a Bigfoot update near Prescott.

The descriptive story of how the Jerome Grand Hotel is haunted and exactly what kinds of ghosts and spirits exist there. Includes a brief history of the building.

The astonishing story of a frog that survived millions of years embedded in sandstone.

The Yavapai Indian's origin story includes a "Great Flood" that holds intriguing commonalities with the story of Noah in the Book of Genesis.

The account of the Kakaka, the paranormal, Indian Little People who live in the mountains of Yavapai county and elsewhere in Arizona. They are a vital part of Indian culture, teaching the Native American medicine men.

The true story of a giant humanoid skeleton that was unearthed in Juniper, Yavapai County, AZ in 1911.

Chapter 2 of Giants being found in Yavapai county, Arizona: True story of a skeleton of a giant unearthed by a road crew in 1913 along Sycamore Creek.

Popular Preacher Struck Down by Lightning
True story of the shocking death of Rev. Fred Allen who was struck down by lightning on Sep 2, 1911.

2 Large Meteor Strikes Within 8 Months & 150 Miles!
True description of 2 meteor strikes that happened only 8 months apart in 1911-12 between Ash Fork and Holbrook, AZ on the same Santa Fe Railroad line.

The story of a rash of Flying Saucers (UFO) sightings around Prescott, AZ, in the first half of 1953. Includes the "Arizona's Roswell" incident around the same time.

The true story of a massive wave of UFO sightings and recorded landing in August, 1970 in Prescott, AZ. 

The story of Prescott Valley, AZ's wave of UFOs in the late winter and spring of 2000.

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