June 23, 2016

The Surprising Adventures of Arizona's First Boy Scouts

The first Boy Scout troop in Arizona was organized in Prescott. Prescott adored her Boy Scouts, providing logistical support from all fronts. In return, scouts provided many services to the local community including primitive archeology and fighting on the frontline of wildfires!

June 4, 2016

The True Victims of "Bloody Basin" Were the Yavapai

There are many stories surrounding how "Bloody Basin" got its name.

Some say that its from a mass slaughter of sheep during the range wars.

Some say that seven Navajo virgins were sacrificed there by Geronimo.

Those who've done research find that it was due to a massacre at the Battle of Turret Peak. Yet, most of these have written that it was Tonto-Apaches that were massacred there.

However, the oral history of the Yavapai tribe would vehemently disagree.