July 21, 2019

Ice Cream in Early Prescott

Prescott's first ice cream ad.
It took 10 years after Prescott’s founding before ice cream appeared at a social function and then it was an exotic luxury.

July 7, 2019

Castle Creek Hot Springs in the 19th Century

The first anglo to dwell at the Castle Creek Hot Springs was a miner by the name of George Monroe who discovered it in the 1870s. “At that time he was engaged as a government scout, employed in the numerous campaigns against the Apaches,” the paper recalled. “One evening, just as the sun was sinking, Monroe was traveling down the banks of Castle Creek. As night (fell,) he began a search for a place to sleep, (avoiding) the Indians. His search brought him to the mouth of a canyon, through which a small stream wound its way to Castle Creek. Following it a few yards he came upon the bodies of 12 Maricopas who had, from all indications, been slain (recently) by Apaches.”