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Drew Desmond

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Articles published in

"Lost History of the Yavapai County Courthouse"

"The Birth of Watson Lake"

"The Story of the Arizona Pioneers' Home"

"A Look Back at the Life & Legacy of Grace Marion Sparkes 1893-1963"

"Courthouse Plaza's First Christmas Tree Dates to 1916"

"Bill Fain: the Father of Prescott Valley"

"1864: Prescott's First Christmas"

"The Naming of Prescott and Her Streets"

"The Rough Riders Were Born in Prescott"

"Famous Harvey Houses Supplied by Del Rio Ranch"

"Frank Murphy's Generous, Generous Christmas of 1909"

"Historically, Glassford Hill Has Been Known by Several Names"

"1912: "The Cringer" The First Movie Made in Prescott"

Articles published in
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"The Old Courthouse Became a Living Wreck"
"True Tales of the Rough Rider Monument Pt 3: The Gala Unveiling"

Articles published in
TG Magazine:

"Local Cuisine of the 1800s" (Starts on page 12)


The town of Dewey-Humboldt has included these articles on their town website:


Some of Drew Desmond's Articles are being used in docent training manuals!

is in the docent manual of the Pioneer Living History Museum

is in the docent manual of the Western Heritage Center


Drew Desmond in the News:

For anyone interested in some biographical info about Drew Desmond,
Voyage Phoenix published this interview: CLICK HERE.

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