Chronological Listing 1920s & 1930s



The biographies of Grace Marion Sparks (1893-1963) and Grace Laura Genung Chapman (1883-1959) who both spent their lives making Yavapai county and Prescott better.

1920: Million-Heir Boy Kidnapped Near Drake

The intriguing and occasionally crazy story of the kidnapping of William Hurd Bennett near the Puntenney lime mine near Drake, AZ. 

The story of the old fashioned, heartwarming Christmas in Prescott, AZ two years after World War 1.

The story of a boy who was shocked at the appearance of his father, Lester Ruffner. Also included are video highlights of a 1920 silent newsreel featuring the Frontier Days that year!

The early history and construction of what is Arizona State Route 89A today. It was originally known as Arizona Highway 79: The Prescott to Jerome "Shortline."

The origin and early history of the Smoki people of Prescott, AZ.

1921 Rodeo Had Several More Attractions

The story the first rodeo financed by the Way Out West show by the Smoki People and the events and prizes that have long since been retired.

Obligatory Clean-Up Days Heralded Tourist Season

The story of Prescott’s annual Clean-Up Day. Although obligatory, the city did build a reputation for being the cleanest city in Arizona.

The story of how Prescott AZ’s dusty downtown was transformed into a modern city.

Prescott’s 1st Federal Narcotics Raid was AZ's Biggest (1922)

It was the biggest drug bust in AZ history; run by Mayo Simpson whose criminal career had him in jail by age 11.

1922: The Tragic Tale of a Rising Rodeo Star

The story and life of Frank P Stephens—a young, rising rodeo star from Mohave County.

1922: Prescott Turns the Page on the Old West

In 1922 Prescott saw its largest modernization ever and its first big growth spurt.

History of the Congress Hotel (originally the Williams House) and the disastrous fire that would change Prescott, AZ forever.

Gun Fight at the Independence Mine

Tragic story of two friends who suddenly gunned each other down near Wagoner, AZ on August 22, 1922.

The story of a mysterious powder house blast at the United Verde Mine in Jerome, AZ on December 20th, 1925 and its consequences.

Famous record breaking airplane, "The Yankee Doodle" meets its demise in 1928 Prescott, Arizona.

Story of the founding and building of the Hassayampa Inn in Prescott, AZ.

The story of the Prairie Dog Boys: Prescott, AZ's first Cub Scout program.


The story of the historic downtown Federal Building and Post Office in Prescott, AZ. 

Story of gun control in the 1930's in Prescott, Arizona. Children were misusing them, even shooting people in the head!

Story of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's visit to Prescott, AZ in September 1932 before traveling to the Greenway Ranch.

25 images are presented that offer a taste of what life was like in 1933 Prescott, AZ.

The true story of Will Rogers' surprise visit to Prescott, Arizona in 1933 to visit Frontier Days (now the "World's Oldest Rodeo").

The story of the work done in the Prescott (AZ) National Forest by the Civilian Conservation Corps from 1933 to 1941. Much of the work they accomplished is still in use today.

The intriguing biography of Viola Jimulla, the first woman chief in America. She lead the Prescott Yavapai Tribe through one of their lowest times by relying on her Christian faith.

The story and history of Sullivan Lake, Arizona (located between Chino Valley and Paulden on "Old Hwy. 89") and the mysterious ruins surrounding it.

The sad, yet inspiring story of the Christmas of 1937 in Prescott, AZ. The nutritional needs of the city's children was so acute, it was decided not to give candy that year.

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