Chronological Listing 1900s

The founding, complete early history, and name origin for the ghost town of Cleator, Arizona.

The story of an early Mayer, AZ industry that manufactured toothpicks from cactus needles and what happened to the popular product.

True story of the first automobile to drive into Prescott, AZ in 1903 and the city's reaction.

The story behind the first year of the automobile in Prescott, AZ (1903) and its effect on everyday life.

William Randolph Hearst Brings 15 Congressmen to Prescott

Story of William Randolph Hearst’s 1903 Congressional Delegation trip to the Southwest and Prescott, Arizona.

The history, rise and fall of the Prescott & Mount Union Railway Company--Prescott Arizona's short-lived trolley system. (1903)

The account of the first Carnegie Library in Arizona. It was brought to Prescott, AZ by a group of educated women called The Monday Club.

The story of the first successful attempt at making the Granite Dells, near Prescott, AZ, a recreational attraction.

When automobiles were first invented, it was inevitable that cowboys would try them on the range...sometimes with disastrous results.

The Mammoth Senator Tunnel

The story of the beginning of the last chapter of major mining in the Bradshaw mountains in Yavapai County, AZ.

The building and history of Prescott AZ's last railroad depot. (1907)

The comprehensive story of how Prescott, AZ got the Buckey O'Neill / Roughrider Monument on the downtown Plaza. (1907)

1909: Passenger Train Boiler Explodes

The story and aftermath of a boiler explosion on a 6-car passenger train soon after leaving the Iron Springs Depot August 17, 1909.

Preacher’s Son Shoots Bully

True crime story about Ned Cagle shooting Louis Price in 1909 Mayer, AZ.

The charming story of William Howard Taft's visit to Prescott, Arizona in October, 1909.

The story of Percival Lowell's visit to Prescott, AZ in 1909.

Christmas 1909 in Prescott AZ would be remembered for a large blizzard and two generous gifts by railroad entrepreneur Frank Murphy.

A description of what Halloween was like and how it was celebrated in the early 20th Century.

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