Chronological Listing: 1940s and Later


The story of how a man from Phoenix helped Prescott develop her current identity.

Prescott AZ's 2nd worst disaster: the Mercy Hospital fire, June 8, 1940. Prescott would be without a hospital for 33 months.

The history of the USS Yavapai, originally an LST, it became a "floating barracks" and support ship resupplying the smaller ships of the task forces in Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

The story of John F Kennedy's trip to Castle Hot Springs Resort, AZ in 1945. He was recovering from injuries after PT-109 was rammed.

Fantastic story of the finding (and losing) of a small, rich gold vein outside of Jerome Junction, (now Chino Valley) around 1945.

Deep Well Ranch Hosted Annual Cowboy Camp Meetings

Story of the annual Prescott Cowboy Camp Meetings held from 1945-1968 at the Deep Well Ranch in Yavapai County, AZ.


Heart warming story of a genius toymaker and his benevolence to children in 1940's Prescott, AZ.

True Story of Christmas, 1950 in Prescott, AZ. Children's music rose above the anxiety of war.

The descriptive story of how the Jerome Grand Hotel is haunted and exactly what kinds of ghosts and spirits exist there. Includes a brief history of the building.

An overview of 6 airplane accidents that occurred around the Prescott, AZ Airport in 1952.

The story of a rash of Flying Saucers (UFO) sightings around Prescott, AZ, in the first half of 1953. Includes the "Arizona's Roswell" incident around the same time.

Nuclear Testing Affected Prescott

Story of how nuclear testing at Yucca Flat, NV affected Prescott, AZ from 1953-55.

True Crime murder story by teen-age delinquents in 1956 Prescott.

The true tale of the 1959 crash of a Lockheed "Super Constellation" near Prescott, AZ and the mystery that lingers.

1960s and later:

Prescott’s 50th & 100th Anniversary Celebrations

The accounts of Prescott’s 50th and 100th Anniversary celebrations.

The story of Morris Goldwater and his oversight of the early development of Prescott, Arizona.

The delightful and sentimental story of Christmas in Prescott, AZ (and America) in 1966.

The story of Prescott Valley, AZ's wave of UFOs in the late winter and spring of 2000.

The true story of a massive wave of UFO sightings and recorded landing in August, 1970 in Prescott, AZ. 

The biography of Bill Fain, the father of Prescott Valley, Arizona and the town's early history and development.

What It Was Like to be an Extra in Junior Bonner

The occasionally humorous account of painter Earl MacPherson and his role as an extra in the movie Junior Bonner.

The story of the archeological finds unearthed in 1994 at 140 N. Granite St., Prescott, AZ.

Yavapai County's Wild Fruits & Their Medicinal Uses

A list of the wild, edible fruits of Yavapai County; their traditional medicinal uses; and accompanying pictures.

NEWSFLASH: Small-Town Prescott Still Exists!

An observational piece of what “Small Town Prescott” is and where it can be found today.

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