April 25, 2021

NEWSFLASH: Small Town Prescott Still Exists!

After a thorough search, lasting twenty years, this author and observer found a treasure that many have been missing for some time: Small-Town Prescott. 

Where is it located; you may ask? I found it in the reflection of an equally small cup of coffee!

Small towns have amicable characteristics. “Everybody knows everybody” and there are many mutual friendships. A heritage and a history are remembered, shared, and built upon. There also exists an “approachable familiarity.” Folks can talk to one another based solely on the premise that they live in the same town.

Such was the subject matter when I first formally (and finally,) met Jody Drake. She was familiar with my work and outreach with Prescott history and contacted me wanting to pass along some appropriate books (for which I am most grateful.) I was familiar with and had seen her portrayal of Sharlot Hall—a part she has performed across the country.

The main topic of conversation was when Prescott was a small town. We talked about how so many have moved here and lamented the congestion. “That’s what I like about working at the Western Heritage Center,” I explained to her. “When you’re in that room, it’s like you are encapsulated by everything that small-town Prescott was.” She thought a moment and smiled approvingly.

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The time was so enjoyable, we both left aglow determined to do it again soon. As I was driving  home, playing-back bits of our conversation in my mind, the epiphany struck me. 

Before this formal meeting, it could be said that Jody and I knew each other; (at least we knew OF each other)—JUST LIKE A SMALL TOWN! 

We discovered that we had mutual friends: Parker and Patricia—JUST LIKE A SMALL TOWN! Other acquaintances were mentioned with absolutely no need to give last names…

Other “small-town” examples extend beyond this coffee clutch. If I were to tell you that you could learn some history by visiting Melissa at the Western Heritage Center on Sundays, everyone in Small-Town Prescott would know I mean Ruffner! Nor is there any need to mention “Gallagher” when one speaks of Dennis there. If I told you that the Whiskey Row Historian, Brad, could be found at the Palace on Friday nights, everyone in Small-Town Prescott would know I mean my co-author Courtney. 

A listing of all our dedicated, civic-minded folks would number in the hundreds—JUST LIKE (the population of) A SMALL TOWN!

“Drew’s Blog” has an identity in Small-Town Prescott and with the accompanying familiarity, the fine folks at Sharlot Hall Museum have no hesitation in making contact when necessary. The same can be said of Melissa too!—JUST LIKE A SMALL TOWN!

Yes Virginia, there is a Small-Town Prescott, and it lives in the hearts and the minds of the people who are committed to making our city a better place.

So despite the clamor and scurry outside on Gurley, in our quiet nine square feet, in that downtown coffee-shop, Small-Town Prescott was alive and well and as delightful as ever. 

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