November 13, 2021

A Day Trip to Historic Stanton (A Pictorial)

Stanton, Arizona is not open to the public or tourists. Instead, it is owned, operated and occupied by the Lost Dutchman's Mining Association (LDMA) and its members. However, in driving his friend Parker Anderson to the town for a book signing, this author had the opportunity to capture some photos of the historic town as it exists presently.

Today Stanton is largely a community of RVing snowbirds who migrate there beginning  in October. They are, indeed, a friendly group of souls who suffer from the dual infections of loving history, and gold fever. 

Stanton has always been a dusty town and the strict 5 MPH speed limit over the dirt roads is enforced not only for safety, but for easier breathing! 

The entrance to Stanton today.

The friendliness of the town was displayed while the author was walking down a short road (at 3 MPH) looking for photos to take. A pick-up, going 5, began to creep up from behind. For fun, this pedestrian turned around and stuck-out his thumb as if to hitchhike. The driver immediately stopped and with a broad smile on his face, was more than willing to offer a ride. 

They even shared lunch.

Rich Hill

Stanton is located in the shadow of the geologically mysterious Rich Hill--a gold-infested pimple on the earth's skin that gradually oozed the yellow metal into the surrounding valley for eons.  Even today LDMA members are running dirt and finding gold.

Prospecting today.

Yarnell, AZ’s namesake went from riches to rags in a quest to find a supposed bonanza of huge gold nuggets.

On the opposite side of town runs historic Antelope Creek where much of the Rich Hill gold was recovered. 

Antelope Creek as it runs past Stanton.

Before Charles Stanton became Postmaster and changed the town's name, it was known as Antelope Station.

The Antelope Stage Station building today.

Here is a sampling of other old and historic buildings that remain in town:

One old house was converted into a Crafting Room.

A second old house in town (there are several.)

A third old house sits high on the bank of Antelope Creek

The Stanton Opera House

Stanton saloon interior.

Stanton Hotel from the rear. Today the rear holds the kitchen 
that prepares meals for the community.
In front of the hotel, discovered mining artifacts are displayed.

Stanton Saloon (and current office.)

Through the valley haze, Vulture Peak is seen--
location of the Vulture Mine.

Bonus Historical Photos:

Stanton, circa 1950

Stanton in 1912

Having Parker offer his historical input during the trip was a joy. On the return trip, the road that Charles Genung built that avoids the switchback turns of Yarnell Hill was taken. It was a beautiful stretch through the wilderness. 

Gladly, it was one of Parker's most successful book signings. Even if it had not been, it was still worth the trip!

Here's a review of the book Parker was featuring:

The REAL Charles P Stanton Story Now Comes to Light

A review of Parker Anderson’s book “Arizona Gold Gangster Charles P Stanton.” It has rewritten history.

Tourist Tip:
In addition to Stanton, the Lost Dutchman Mining Association owns a handful of other such camps across the country that are available to members. For more information about the Stanton Camp, its rates, and booking a reservation, click here.



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