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The Great Blizzard and Flood of 1916
Amazing account of one of the largest winter storms in the history of Yavapai county, Arizona--The great Blizzard and Flood of 1916.

Famous record breaking airplane, "The Yankee Doodle" meets its demise in 1928 Prescott, Arizona.

The Miller Bros. Saved Prescott From Starvation
The story of the harsh winter of 1864 and how the Miller brothers saved the settlement of Prescott, Arizona from starvation.

The story of what was at the time the worst train wreck in the history of the Peavine Railroad.

Citizens of Prescott, Arizona found out that some large predatory animals were still in the forest when deep snows forced them out of the mountains.

1959: Constellation Airplane Crash Still a Mystery
The true tale of the 1959 crash of a Lockheed "Super Constellation" near Prescott, AZ and the mystery that lingers.

The history and stories surrounding earthquakes that occurred within 30 miles of Prescott, AZ.

23-Ton Blast Shakes Yavapai County
The story of a mysterious powder house blast at the United Verde Mine in Jerome, AZ on December 20th, 1925 and its consequences.

The Dam, The Drunk, & The Disaster
The complete, heartbreaking story of the Walnut Grove Dam Disaster of 1890 in Yavapai County. It is still regarded as the worst natural disaster in Arizona history.

2 Large Meteor Strikes Within 8 Months & 150 Miles!
True description of 2 meteor strikes that happened only 8 months apart in 1911-12 between Ash Fork and Holbrook, AZ on the same Santa Fe Railroad line.

1940: Prescott's Hospital Destroyed by Fire
Prescott AZ's 2nd worst disaster: the Mercy Hospital fire, June 8, 1940. Prescott would be without a hospital for 33 months.

An overview of 6 airplane accidents that occurred around the Prescott, AZ Airport in 1952.

Four true, occasionally humorous stories about the most imprudent uses of dynamite in Yavapai County, AZ history. 

The story of how Prescott AZ ran out of fresh water in 1919 and its consequences.

Story of how Prescott's "Great Fire" nearly happened a decade earlier, in November, 1889.

History of the Congress Hotel (originally the Williams House) and the disastrous fire that would change Prescott, AZ forever.

The sad story of the Joseph Piper family who came to Prescott, AZ in hopes that their tuberculosis would improve.

The history and stories surrounding earthquakes that occurred within 30 miles of Prescott, AZ.

Humboldt Suffers Two Conflagrations in Three Weeks

The story of two disastrous fires that occurred in Humboldt, AZ only three weeks apart in the summer of 1910.

1909: Passenger Train Boiler Explodes

The story and aftermath of a boiler explosion on a 6-car passenger train soon after leaving the Iron Springs Depot August 17, 1909.

Nuclear Testing Affected Prescott

Story of how nuclear testing at Yucca Flat, NV affected Prescott, AZ from 1953-55.

The Premeditated Murderous Disaster at Wilson's Sawmill

True crime story of the murderous sabotage of a boiler at Zeb Wilson’s sawmill on Lynx Creek, AZ on 11/19/1887.

The Zaniest Railroad Accident in Prescott History

The humorous, true story of an unlikely chain of events that led to a railroad accident.

Story of a snow-filled cold snap that eventually dropped 6 feet of snow in Prescott, AZ in December, 1967.

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