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Dutch John: Prescott's Audacious Bootlegger
The colorful, true crime story of the career of bootlegger Dutch John Berent in 1916-1917 Prescott, AZ.

Rich Ranchman Tries to Get Away With Murder
True Crime story of the murder of Robert Miller by Harry "Bud" Stephens in 1918. This "trial of the century" was also the first murder case heard in the current Yavapai County Courthouse.

Police Blotter for 1917
Professional safecrackers, burglary, found treasure, a 40-year-old murder solved, and a work-release program highlighted the police blotter in 1917 in Prescott, AZ.

May 9, 1911: Two Capital Murders in One Afternoon
True crime stories of the murders of LD Yeager and Kid Kirby on the afternoon of May 9, 1911 in Yavapai county, AZ. Both suspects would face the gallows as the newborn State of Arizona grappled with the question of the death penalty.

Mystery Man Entombed in Thumb Butte
True Story of a mysterious body found in a crevice in Thumb Butte near Prescott, AZ in 1911.

The true crime story of a dynamite attack on J.S. Acker's home in Prescott, AZ on 4/21/1917 and the surprising motive behind the crime.

The Zany Prostitution Sting at the Depot House
True story of an August, 1918 prostitution sting in Prescott, AZ and its unexpected and humorous results as Cupid finally won the day!

Jealousy Killed the Good-Time Girl
The pitiful true crime story of a love triangle and an attempted double murder / suicide in 1911 Prescott, AZ.

1875-86: The Murderous Stanton Syndicate
True story of how Charles P. Stanton took over the mining town of Antelope Station, Arizona and turned it into his own personal, tyrannical empire.

Hot-Head Miners Murder 20 Yavapai
The story of one of the first Indian conflicts in Yavapai county. A group of miners unjustly murder 20 Yavapai Indians for a crime they did not commit.

Man Kills Two Over a $2 Bet
True crime story about Fred Marshall, who murdered two men after losing a $2 bet in Humboldt, AZ.

1956: Teen Delinquents Beat Blind Man; Murder a Veteran
True Crime murder story by teen-age delinquents in 1956 Prescott

True story of the grip of opium upon Prescott, Arizona. Eventually, the city would become a hub of manufacture for the drug.

The Jack-the-Ripper of Yavapai County?
The circumstantial case against self-described "Indian-killer" John B. Townsend.

1894 Gold Heist Foiled
True tale of how a former Prescott marshall saved a gold shipment with a clever ruse in 1894.

March, 1932: Prescott Police Chief Demands Gun Control (and the Shocking Reason Why)
Story of gun control in the 1930's in Prescott, Arizona. Children were misusing them!

BONUS: There are 3 treasures buried by robbers around Prescott that remain undiscovered:

20 Buried Treasures Near Prescott That Have Yet to be Found