Indian Conflicts & The Yavapai

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The story of one of the worst episodes in the Indian Wars.

Story of how Skull Valley, AZ earned its name as a killing field.

Hot-Head Miners Murder 20 Yavapai
The story of one of the first Indian conflicts in Yavapai county. A group of miners unjustly murder 20 Yavapai Indians for a crime they did not commit.

Indian War Military Posts of Yavapai County: A Primer
A comprehensive primer of frontier military posts in Yavapai County, AZ during the Indian Wars. Both an alphabetical and a chronological list is offered including dates, locations and the reason behind each post's name.

The First Prescottonians Killed in the Indian War
The true accounts of the deaths of the first Prescott, AZ citizen and the first Fort Whipple soldier killed in the Indian Wars in 1864.

Fort Whipple's Faithful Dog Abe
The story of a greyhound named Abe and his ability to find Native Americans during the Indian Wars at Fort Whipple, Yavapai county, AZ.

The Battle of the "Pinole Treaty"
The story of King S Woolsey's campaign against Apaches after AH Peeples' ranch was raided. Outnumbered, he convinced the Indians to meet with him before slaughtering them.

"I Survived an Apache Attack"
The Story of the Fight at Battle Flat, June 3rd, 1864, in Yavapai county, AZ. Five prospectors faced several dozen Apaches.

1864: Apache Indians Mass to Attack Prescott
True story of how the Apache tribe massed to attack Prescott in 1864 and what stopped them.

The Legend of Burnt Ranch
The Indian War raid by Apache-Mojave Indians that gave Burnt Ranch in Prescott, AZ its name.

1865: The Shocking Twist at Battle Point (Skull Valley)
True story of a 1865 clever ambush in the Indian Wars at "Battle Point" where the Skull Valley, AZ depot is located today.

I Was the Cause of the Battle of Skull Valley
The true story of the Battle of Skull Valley, AZ in August, 1866 as told through the eyes of a teamster who was there and nearly killed.

"Lost" Bell's Canyon Was Infamous
Indian ambushes on Bell's Canyon in Yavapai County, AZ were so notorious that whites eventually allowed it to return to wilderness. It was here that Superintendent of Indian Affairs George W Leihy was murdered November 10, 1866.

The Indian Raids on the Bully Bueno Mine
See how Native Americans successfully used the tactic of "guerrilla attrition" to keep a prosperous gold mine from operating during the Indian Wars.

The story of a group of Mexican volunteers fighting proudly during the Indian Wars in Yavapai county.

1867: The Jack-the-Ripper of Yavapai County?
The shocking true story of John B. Townsend; a man who "killed more Apaches than most pioneers had ever seen."

The Indian Raid That Gave Fort Rock Its Name
The true story of the Indian War raid on a stage stop in Yavapai county in November, 1866. The locale, known previously as Mount Hope would be renamed Fort Rock when a dozen anglos held off 100 Hualapai warriors.

Descriptions of the first Thanksgiving Day celebrations (and eventual lack there of) from 1866-1870 in Prescott, AZ.

Spencer Repeating Rifle Rules the Battle of the Black Mountains
The account of the first use of the Spencer Repeating Rifle in the Indian Wars in Arizona. This took place in the Black Mountains just west of the Verde River in April, 1867.

Brave Woman Fights Off Indians in Granite Dells
True episode of a raid in the Indian Wars near Prescott, AZ where a woman and a hired hand fended off 20 Indians in September, 1867.

Account of the Native American offensive in 1868 in Yavapai County, AZ during the Indian Wars.

1868-71: The Last Indian Raids on Kirkland Valley
The story of the last of the Indian raids on Kirkland Valley, Arizona from 1868-1871.

Ft. Whipple 1869: Futile Campaigns & Public Diversions
A description of the happenings at Fort Whipple, Arizona in 1869. Hapless at locating the Indians, the undermanned force reached out to the local community to boost the morale of both.

Story of how Yavapai county sat helpless in the midst of Native American raids during the Indian Wars.

One man's account of the trials and tribulations of simply traveling to Prescott in 1871.

1872: The Gruesome Fate of the Young Braggart
The story of a young pioneer braggart traveling to Yavapai county, Arizona and his terrible fate during the Indian Wars in 1872.

The Battle of Turret Peak, which Bloody Basin, AZ is named after, was not a victory over hostile Apaches; it was a massacre of friendly Yavapais.

The mystery surrounding a second, military Fort Misery near Oro, AZ. Did it really exist?

Indians Save Lost Anglos
True story of two miners who were caught in a blinding snowstorm on the Navajo nation and were eventually saved by the Native Americans there in January, 1918.

The tale of an Indian raid on the Peeples Ranch in Yavapai County in 1863.

The story of numerous Indian war raids in Yavapai County, AZ in the Spring of 1872.

The story of the 10th Calvary’s time at Whipple Barracks, Prescott, AZ from 1885-6. The town was impressed by the troops and entertained by its band.

My Life as an Indian Scout

The story of renowned Indian scout Al Seiber (1844-1907) told in the first person.

The Yavapai People:

The Yavapai People's Ancient Flood Story
The Yavapai Indian's origin story includes a "Great Flood" that holds intriguing commonalities with the story of Noah in the Book of Genesis.

America's First Chieftess Was a Yavapai
The intriguing biography of Viola Jimulla, the first woman chief in America. She lead the Prescott Yavapai Tribe through one of there lowest times by relying on her Christian faith.

Meet the Kakaka: The Little Indian People Who Live in the Mountains
The account of the Kakaka, the paranormal, Indian Little People who live in the mountains of Yavapai county and elsewhere in Arizona. They are a vital part of Indian culture, teaching the Native American medicine men.

The Findings at the Fitzmaurice Indian Ruin
A description of the archeological findings of the Fitzmaurice Ruin in Prescott Valley, AZ. It's the largest Indian Ruin in the Prescott region.

The story of the Hohokam archeological finds that existed under the Cordes Junction, I-17 interchange.

The archeological findings in Mayer, AZ show indigenous habitation from the 6th century, AD to 1800.

The Mysterious Figurine Making Forest People

The story of a potential sub-culture “cult” that lived in the forest south of Prescott, AZ around 1000 AD.

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