Here's a listing of Historic Prescott People!
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Sheriff's Exploits Were Hollywood; His Appearance Was Not
True story of "Uncle Jim" Roberts; the last of the old-time shooting sheriffs in Yavapai county. Although his exploits would be perfect for a movie, his appearance was far from it.

Entrepreneur Joseph Mayer & His Town
The founding and early history of Mayer, Arizona is inseparable from the biography of the man who founded the town--Joseph Mayer.

1875-86: The Murderous Stanton Syndicate
True story of how Charles P. Stanton took over the mining town of Antelope Station, Arizona and turned it into his own personal, tyrannical empire.

America's First Chieftess Was a Yavapai
The intriguing biography of Viola Jimulla, the first woman chief in America. She lead the Prescott Yavapai Tribe through one of there lowest times by relying on her Christian faith.

True crime story of the biggest Indian killer in the county's history.

True story of a model and toy making genius.

Had he survived the Spanish-American War, he would have been Arizona's first Governor!

Miller Valley; Miller Creek; Everything named "Miller" in Prescott is in honor of these two brothers. They even built Iron Springs Road!

Native Americans are more apt to remember this tragedy more than Pearl Harbor.

Story of the man from Phoenix who gave Prescott its current identity of a thriving tourist town.

Bill Fain: The Father of Prescott Valley
The biography of Bill Fain, the father of Prescott Valley, Arizona and the town's early history and development.

Pioneer Surveyor / Miner Robert W. Groom
Biography of the man for whom Groom Creek was named. Robert Groom also surveyed and plotted-out the towns of Prescott and Wickenburg, AZ.

Dutch John: Prescott's Audacious Bootlegger
The colorful, true crime story of the career of bootlegger Dutch John Berent in 1916-1917 Prescott, AZ.

The "Graces" Who Got Things Done in Prescott
The biographies of Grace Marion Sparks (1893-1963) and Grace Laura Genung Chapman (1883-1959) who both spent their lives making Yavapai county and Prescott better.

Prescott's Forgotten Railroad Developer & Philanthropist
The biography of Prescott, AZ's empire builder Frank Murphy. The philanthropist was the primary force in the development of Arizona's railroads and mining industry.

The early life of child actress Virginia Lee Corbin (1905-1941) who was born in Prescott, AZ.

The biography of Alexander Oswald Brodie, 1849-1918. The cofounder of the Rough Riders and Arizona's 15th territorial governor had a close relationship with Teddy Roosevelt.

Gurley: The Man Behind the Street Name

The life of the first appointed governor of the Arizona Territory: John Addison Gurley.


  1. The Sheriff's Office was with the jail in the Old Court House? Or was it located elsewhere?

  2. I would like to know if there is a picture of W H Williscraft's Boot and shoe store, as well as his photography shop. it was on the corner of Cortez and Gurley street, he moved it there in July 1876, house and all, ad's say the boot and shoe store was between the court house, and the photography shop. I'm surprised you don't have a bio on him he was a pretty interesting fellow